BPE Charger Controller

BPE Charge Controllers role is to protect and automate the charging of the battery

BPE Charge Controller

BPE’s intelligent Charge Controller with MPPT for off-grid Solar PV and Battery systems. BPE’s Charge Controller monitors the amount of current being sent to the lead acid or lithium batteries. This control prevents overcharging of the batteries which could damage battery performance, shorten their lifespan and pose a fire risk.

Main Features

BPE Value
  • MPPT Charge Controller from 20 – 60A
  • 12-48V system voltage
  • Up to 100VDC input voltage
  • Glass front with touch screen buttons
  • Sturdy aluminium housing
  • IP67 rated
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking ≥99.5%
  • HD LCD display screen
  • Suitable 12V/24V lead acid or lithium ion battery system
  • Centralised monitoring and parallel function via a mobile app

BPE’s Charge Controller Specification

BPE Charge Controller Specification