BPE ChargeDepot


BPE ChargeDepot is designed to

efficiently and effectively charge

electric vehicles

BPE Faster Charging


Personal EV Charging points like BPE’s ChargeMate are faster at charging batteries from empty to full compared to using the mains.

BPE Better Life Cycle


Electric car batteries are no different to others as charging it repeatedly will affect the amount of charge which can be held. Using BPE EV Chargers is beneficial for the long run as it maximises efficiency of holding charge.

BPE Value


After the initial costs of installation, charging costs will be a lot less. Dependent on the car and electricity tariff, a full charge can cost as little as £3.

BPE ChargeDepot

BPE ChargeDepot

The ChargeDepot is available in both Single-Phase 220V-240V & Three-Phase 415V. The ChargeDepot charges the vehicle with both a Type 1 & 2 connector. The EV Charger has been designed for a variety of applications including service stations, highway services, fleet, commercial and parking. BPE EV Chargers are designed to maximise the efficiency of charging electric vehicles. Another inclusive feature of the BPE ChargeDepot is the dynamic load balancing and visible status indicator.

Electrical Performance

Input Voltage AC: Single-Phase 220V-240V; Three-Phase 415V
Output Current: 16A, 32A
Charging Power: Single-Phase: 3.7kW & 7.6kW

Protection Technology

DC Fault & AC Leakage Protection: Integrated 30mA Type B RCCB
Overload Protection: Circuit breaker (MCB)

Charging Interface

Tethered Cable: 5 Mtr. tethered cable with Type 1/Type 2 plug
Free Cable: Type 2 socket, in accordance with IEC 62196-2 auto connector lock RFID access control (optional)

Smart Sensor

Signal: Current
Max. Current: 60A
Cable Length: 1 Mtr.
Installation: Clamp
Humidity: < 85% Altitude: < 2000 Mtr.

General Data

Dimensions (W*H*D): 400*280*150mm
Weight: 5.6Kg

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