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Liffey 22kW

BPE's Liffey 22kW is designed for

domestic and commercial applications

BPE Faster Charging


Personal EV Charging points like BPE’s ChargeMate are faster at charging batteries from empty to full compared to using the mains.

BPE Better Life Cycle


Electric car batteries are no different to others as charging it repeatedly will affect the amount of charge which can be held. Using BPE EV Chargers is beneficial for the long run as it maximises efficiency of holding charge.

BPE Value


After the initial costs of installation, charging costs will be a lot less. Dependent on the car and electricity tariff, a full charge can cost as little as £3.

BPE EV Charger - ChargeMate

BPE ChargeMate

The ChargeMate is designed to be used in domestic & commercial applications, available in 3.6kW & 7.2kW single-phase and 11kW & 22kW 3-phase. The ChargeMate charges the vehicle in mode 3 with a Type ll connector and is also equipped with latest Type B RCCB. Our complete range is available with or without RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access cards. Up to 5 RFID access cards are available per EV Charger on request.

ChargeMate Electrical Performance

Input AC Voltage: Single-Phase 220V-240V, 3-Phase 415V
Output Current: 16A/32A –  customised by manual dip switch
Charging Power: 3.7kW, 7.2kW, 11kW, 22kW

Charging Interface

Tethered Cable: 5m tethered cable with Type 2 plug
Socket Only: Type 2 socket, conforms to IEC 62196-2 with auto connector lock

Protection Technology

DC Fault & AC Leakage Protection: Integrated 30mA Type B RCCB
Overload Protection: Circuit breaker required upstream of installation (not included)

Environment Conditions

Ingress Protection Level: IP55
Anti-UV: ASA+PC enclosure
Temperature Range: -40°C – +40°C
Humidity: < 85% Altitude: < 2000m


Dimensions (WxHxD): 260x400x150mm
Weight: Tethered – 4.4kg, Cable Free – 2.65Kg

ChargeMate Integrated Intelligent Protocol Controller 

The integrated EVSE Protocol Controller is the intelligent part of the EV charging station. It is the communication unit that enables Mode 3 charging in accordance with IEC 61851.

Tethered (Compatible with tethered installations only)
Free/Socket (Compatible with Type 2 free/socket installations only)

Rating Current Option
Default current of the controller is set to 32Amp but can be adjusted to 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, or 32A via the built-in DIP switch

LED Display
Triple Colour Status (Blue, Green, Red)

Intelligent Protocol Controller

ChargeMate Integrated Residual Current Circuit Breaker

Why use a Type B RCCB for Electrical Vehicle charging?

A Type A RCCB is not recommended for EV chargers because the battery chargers inside EV vehicles can produce high levels of harmonic distortion, due to the technology employed and the non-linear loading of the supply during charging. Type AC & A RCDs are only designed for use on supplies with standard 50Hz waveforms. High frequency AC flowing through these RCDs can cause overheating of the trip circuit components, leading to failure of the RCD.

Integrated Residual Current Circuit Breaker

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