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Hybrid PV & Wind Inverter from BPE combines Solar, Wind, Battery and Back Up Generator power together with software which can be programmed to determine the most efficient use of your available energy. The AC power output can be precisely regulated by controlling the current and rotor speed through the 12-point power curve settings. This makes it possible for the system to be constantly controlled for optimum speed, thus ensuring maximum performance. The range includes power classes of 3.6 kW, 5 kW, 8 kW (Single Phase) and 12 kW (Triple Phase).

Hybrid Inverter 8kW/12kW BPE

BPE 8 kW Hybrid Inverter

BPE Hybrid Inverter

BPE 3.6 kW/5 kW Hybrid Inverter

As technology costs come down, combining wind, solar PV and energy storage with a hybrid inverter is the most efficient and cost effective way to integrate renewables, harnessing the power of the wind at night and in winter when solar is at it’s weakest


Multiple Operating Modes
Battery only, Hybrid, On-Grid or Off-Grid
Simultaneously manages power to/from Solar, Wind, Battery, Grid, Load and backup Generator (auto Gen start)
Programmable multiple operation modes: On-Grid, Off-Grid and UPS/EPS
Time Of Use – 6 programmable time settings enabling you to use grid power more efficiently to charge the battery if you have cheaper electricity in the evening
12 Point Power Curve setting for wind (optional)

Excess Load Feature
Automatically diverts excess power to an immersion heater, air conditioning unit, EV Charger (or any appliance) directly from the hybrid inverter based on PV and/or wind generation and battery state of charge saving money on not installing a separate immersion heater controller

Compatible with BPE, LG, BYD, SolaX (LV) and Pylontech battery systems
RS485 or CAN bus Communication
Programmable supply priority for battery or grid
Smart battery charger for optimised battery performance

PV rapid shutdown control, PV input lightning protection, Overload/Over Temperature/ Short Circuit Protection

Multiple Monitoring Modes
Wifi, GSM, LAN and built-in 2 strings of MPP trackers. Remote monitoring and control of devices with real time energy flows, charts, analysis and personalised settings

Colour Touchscreen Display
Large LCD touchscreen interface
Configurable AC/Solar Charger priority via LCD display
Configurable battery charging current voltage based on applications via LCD display

Peak Time Shaving
Six peak valley time settings with programmable maximum power output, allows users to use grid power more efficiently and save money

AC Coupling
Upgrade existing solar PV grid tied system to a hybrid system by AC Coupling up to 7 kW of string/micro inverter AC power

BPE Hybrid PV & Wind Inverter Diagram

BPE Hybrid Inverter PV & Wind Diagram

BPE Hybrid PV & Wind Inverter Technical Specifications

BPE Hybrid Inverter Technical Specification

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