BPE SmartMate

Designed for domestic and commercial properties

BPE Faster Charging


Personal EV Charging points are faster at charging batteries from empty to full compared to using the mains.

BPE Better Life Cycle


Electric car batteries are no different to others as charging it repeatedly will affect the amount of charge which can be held. Using BPE EV Chargers is beneficial for the long run as it maximises efficiency of holding charge.

BPE Value


After the initial costs of installation, charging costs will be a lot less. Dependent on the the car and electricity tariff, a full charge can cost as little as £3.

BPE SmartMate EV Charger

The BPE-SmartMate is designed to be used in domestic & commercial applications, available in 7kW single-phase with IEC62196-2 tethered lead with connector. SmartMate uses both wired and wireless connectivity for integration with CMS. The EV charger includes a IP55 rating and user friendly colour LCD display.

SmartMate User Interface

Display: Without Display, 2.4″ Screen or 4.3″ Screen (3 Options)
Buttons and Switch: English
Push Button: Display wake up, Emergency stop
User Authentication: EMV payment schemes, RFID based
Visual Indication: Mains available, Charging status, System error


Protection: Over voltage, Under voltage, Over Current, Short circuit, Surge protection, Over temperature, Ground fault, Residual current
Charging Protocol: OCPP 1.6

EV Charger Communication

Charger & Vehicle: PMW
Interface: Ethernet, 3G, 4G


Ingress Protection: IP55
Enclosure Protection: Vandal proof metal enclosure
Cooling: Air cooled
Wire Length: 3.5 – 5 Mtr.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 280x400x160mm

Input Power

Input Voltage: 1P+N+PE
Input Frequency: 50±1Hz
Wires: 3 Wire, L, N, PE

Output Power

Voltage: 230 Vac±10%
Max. Current: 32A
Nominal Power: 7kW
RCD: Type A or Type B


Ambient Weather: -20°C – +55°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C – +70°C
Altitude: <2000 Mtr. Humidity: <95%, Non-condensing

SmartMate Applications

Service Stations
Highway Service

BPE SmartMate

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