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BPE PVDivert: What Is It and Why Should You Have One?

Are you getting the most out of your PV system? Find out how you can get free hot water by using a BPE PVDivert.

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More often than not, solar PV panels are generating higher amounts of energy than is needed around the home. A typical standard PV installation will use only 25% of the free energy generated, and any excess is usually sent to the National Grid. One way to utilise this free solar generated electricity is by installing a BPE PVDivert. The BPE PVDivert monitors the amount of energy being used in your home and directs surplus energy to an immersion heater in the hot water tank.  

What is BPE’s PVDivert and how does it work?

The PVDivert is an electronic device that directs any solar power not being used in your home by diverting its use to an immersion heater or another resistive load (appliance that will work at any power regardless of the rated power). Our BPE PVDivert operates with a Wireless RF Sensor Unit which uses a CT clamp to detect when excess solar PV energy is being sent to the grid. It then sends an immediate signal to the PVDivert to begin using the energy for your immersion heater, therefore heating it for free!


BPE PVDivert

BPE’s PVDivert

Why send excess electricity elsewhere?

By assessing the amount of electricity needed in the home, and by how much solar power is generated, the BPE PVDivert intelligently directs your free electricity from going to the grid. Instead, that free electricity is used to heat your hot water meaning your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard!

What are the benefits of the PVDivert?

Furthermore, using excess energy elsewhere means you will buy less energy from your energy supplier.

The PVDivert has environmental benefits too. As solar panels use a renewable energy source to provide electricity to your home, it emits zero emissions and has no negative impact on the environment. Using the surplus energy from your roof to power your hot water significantly reduces your carbon footprint because the energy generated doesn’t come from the grid which still uses fossil fuels. Adding a BPE PVDivert not only reduces your carbon emissions but also reduces your household’s energy demand, resulting in cheaper bills!   

So there you have it! It has never been easier or cheaper to begin storing free, renewable electricity from the sun.

If you are looking to install a solar PVDivert and maximise your renewable energy output, check out the BPE PVDivert.