BPE PowerDepot 5.22kWh Battery

BPE’s energy storage solutions utilise LiFePO4 battery technology

BPE PowerDepot Indoor Battery Modules

 The PowerDepot 5.22kWh LiFePO4 battery is an indoor stackable battery system that is designed to fit perfectly in any home. With an intelligent integrated BMS, our 5.22kWh battery is compatible with BPE PowerDepot A1 EES and a wide variety of inverter manufacturers and can be stacked 4 high* to maximise space. This allows the system to scale between 5.22kWh and 20.88kWh, providing you with the capability to power your entire home for hours at a time.

PowerDepot Indoor Batteries

Main Features

  •  1C DCH/CH rate 

  • 51.2V / 5.22kWh LiFePO4 battery module 

  • Easy to scale up to 4 battery modules* 

  • IP54 for indoor use 

  • 10 Year warranty

*Up to a maximum of 3 x 5.22kWh batteries can be used with the BPE PowerDepot A1 ESS

BPE PowerDepot Indoor Battery Modules Specification

Indoor Battery Module Specification