BPE Optimisers

Single & Dual Port Models Available

BPE Optimisers

BPE Optimisers are a highly efficient and intelligent way of improving your Solar PV array’s overall performance. Available in 400W single port or 800W dual port models, these optimisers reduce the power losses from shading, dust and snow which obstruct PV panels. With one individual MPPT per optimiser, you can maximise power production and monitor each panel individually with our online monitoring platform.



  • Single and Dual Port models avaliable

  • High reliability – IP68 (NEMA 6) enclosure

  • Improved system performance

  • Reduces systems losses due to shading, dust and snow

  • Plug & Play – Quick and easy-to-install

  • Smart – Online panel level monitoring

BPE Optimisers Technical Features

BPE Optimisers Technical Specification