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EV Charger

  • Lights are green, moving up & down, but the car is not charging:
    • Pull the lead out and push it back in really hard
    • As you push the lead in, pull up to engage the locking pin
  • Solid amber light:
    • Twist the emergency stop button to release it
  • Red and amber lights are flashing:
    • DLB is not working
    • Check the ethernet cable between the DLB box and the charger for damage
    • Disable DLB in the App (or set DIP switch #4 to OFF for dumb charger), if the customer is not using DLB or if it hasn’t been installed
  • Amber light is flashing:
    • The charger has failed its “Boot-up Cycle”, make sure the car is not plugged in when you first power up the charger as it needs to run through a “Boot-up Cycle” before it can start working
  • Customer can’t get the App to connect to the car:
    • Delete the App
    • Hold the small red button on the side of the charger (The DC leakage button) for 10 seconds to do “Soft Reset” on the charger
    • Redownload the App, try to connect again
    • If this still doesn’t work, an installer will have to return on-site to open the charger up and push the small black button on the top right hand corner of the circuit board for 10 seconds. This will perform a hard reset.
  • Customer can’t connect the charger to the Wi-Fi:
    • The App works the exact same in Bluetooth mode as it does in Wi-Fi mode. Even with the charger in Wi-Fi mode, the phone with the App on it needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network to use the charger.
    • Wi-Fi is notorious for going down or not having the range available to properly connect with the charger. Running the App in Bluetooth mode is a failsafe way for using the EV charger.
  • Customer’s car won’t charger:
    • Check for any schedules on our BE Smart App
    • Check for a charging schedule on the Car’s own app or in the settings on the actual cars infotainment system
    • Check to see if the car is “location locked” to only charge at certain geographical locations
    • Switch between our different charging modes (RFID, Control Via App and Plug & Play) and try charging again
  • Solar DLB not working. Whenever it gets enabled, the charger starts to flash red:
    • The DLB box or CT clamps are broken and need replacing

PV Divert

  • For a wide range of problems:
    • Hold the “Enhance” and “Display” for 5 seconds to reset the PVDivert
  • Sender Battery Low:
    • Replace the batteries (AA) in the sender unit
  • Lost signal to sender:
    • The wireless sender is too far away from the controller
    • Move it closer for it to work
  • Hot water is ON when there is no Solar: 
    • This is most likely an issue with a backwards CT clamp, reverse the direction and try again
  • For any other issues:
    • Check the output voltage on the terminals that go to the immersion heater to confirm that there is in fact no power flowing to the immersion heaters
    • Press the enhance button to give the immersion heater a 15min boost, to confirm that the unit is definitely not working
    • Contact technical support by email

PowerDepot A1 All-In-One

    • BPE-LFP-2.56/5.12kWh battery Battery is not communicating: there is an issue with the Battery Management System (BMS) cable that comes with the All-In-One, it works with the 5.22kWh Stackable but doesn’t work with the 2.56/5.12kWh wall mounted battery. To work with any wall mounted battery, the Inverter side of the BMS cable needs to be cut and a new RJ45 connector needs to be installed according to this configuration:


    •  Error: Lost CT Meter: While using SolarHope to commission, ensure you select CT as the metering device and not external metering device.


    •  Error: Lost CT Meter: the maximum length of the CT cable is 10 meters. If you require longer, then you must install a CHINT DDSU-666 Energy Meter which can reach up to 100m


    •  Commissioning the system on SolarHope: Installers must use Bluetooth when using the SolarHope App. Follow these connection procedures: “Bluetooth Connection” > “Manual Connection” > “Tap on inverter serial number”

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