BPE PowerDepot 5.12kWh Battery

BPE’s energy storage solutions utilise LiFePO4 battery technology

BPE PowerDepot 5.12kWh LiFeP04 Wall Mounted Battery

The BPE PowerDepot 5.12kWh Wall Mounted battery is a lithium ion battery pack which consists of long life-span LiFePO4 battery cells and integrated BMS. It can store and release electric energy based on the requirements of the inverter. It is mainly for home energy storage system.

BPE PowerDepot 5.12kWh


  • LiFePO4 cell technology

  • 6000 cycles @0.5C conditions

  • Maximum 1C charge and discharge capability

  • Wall mounted IP54 ingress protection

  • Maximum 4 batteries can be connected in parallel

  • Protective and active BMS allows greater reliability and control

  • Fully recyclable

  • Compact 

BPE POWERDEPOT 5.12kWh Battery Technical Features

BPE PowerDepot 5.12kWh Specification