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Liffey 22kW

BPE's Liffey 22kW is designed for

domestic and commercial applications

BPE Faster Charging


Personal EV Charging points like BPE’s Liffey 22 kW are faster at charging batteries from empty to full when compared to a standard 7.4 kW charger

BPE Better Life Cycle


The BPE Liffey 22 kW EV charger offers an integrated Type A RCD with a separate 6 mA DC leakage detection device; this eliminates the need for expensive external RCD to be installed

BPE Value


After the initial costs of installation, the cost of running your Electric Vehicle is cheaper. Dependent on the car and electricity tariff, a full charge can cost as little as £5

Liffey 22 kW – BPE ChargeDepot

The BPE ChargeDepot Liffey 22 kW is an intelligent, universally connectable 22 kW dual port fast EVC. The Liffey 22 kW operates in a Three-Phase. A plethora of data points are displayed on a large LCD screen which is customisable to your preferred language. The EV Charger has the ability to receive and download software updates remotely. The Liffey 22 kW comes with built in safety features to avoid overcurrent and guarantee the charging location is safe for both vehicle, building and user.

Liffey 22 kW Main Benefits:

  • Dual Fast 22 kW charger
  • Two Type 2 socket or tethered cables
  • Smart: OCPP 1.6
  • LCD screen
  • Integrated 30 mA AC type A RCD with separate 6 mA DC detection device

Liffey 22 kW Specification

Liffey 22 kW Power Input

Input Rating: 400 VAC± 10%, 50/60 Hz Three-Phase
Wiring: L1+L2+L3+N+PE
Internal RCD: 30 mA AC Type A RCD and separate 6 mA DC detection device

Liffey 22 kW Power Output

Output Power: 2 x 22 kW max
Output Current: 2 x 32 A max
Charging Interface: Type 2 tethered or socket only

User Interface & Control

Status Indicator: RGB LED
Isolator Switch: External integrated isolator switch
Card Reader: ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Mifare RFID reader


Network Interface: 4G, Ethernet & Wi-Fi
Charging Protocol: OCPP 1.6


Operating Temperature: -30°C – 55°C
Storing Temperature: -40°C – 70°C
Humidity: 0% – 95% no condensation
Altitude: <3000 m


Ingress Protection: IP55
Enclosure Protection: IKIO (Housing), IK8 (Screen)
Cooling: Passive cooling
Dimensions (WxHxD): 395 x 504 x 197 mm
Weight: 17.5 kg
Charging Cable Length: 5 m
Installation: Wall-mounted, Pole-mounted


Certificate: CE


Warranty: 5 years

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